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Lennox is a world-renowned air conditioning company that people want in their homes to make the air cooler, drier, and cleaner with intelligent systems that save energy and work noiselessly. Lennox has its way with dealers and taps into their resources and expertise to bring you all its exceptional systems.

Located in Dallas County, Lennox is headquartered in Richardson in the state of Texas. This premium manufacturer of air-conditioning and heating systems has its manufacturing as well as distribution facilities across North America. Over 6000  Lennox dealers are part of an independent network that offers Lennox products to customers worldwide.

The Lennox Industries Division has its facilities headquarters in Richardson, Texas, while its research and development facility is found in Carrollton, Texas. The company has three factories. Its Stuttgart factory is in Stuttgart, Arkansas; Saltillo factory in Saltillo, Mexico; and Marshalltown factory in Marshalltown, Iowa.


Lennox History

David Lennox founded the company in Marshalltown, Iowa in 1895. While he was the owner of a machine repair business that served railroads, Ernest Byron and Ezra William Smith, two inventors at the time, came to his machine shop with their brilliant idea to make a riveted steel coal-fired furnace. They needed parts for a prototype they developed and offered David Lennox a share in their venture in lieu of payment. David like the idea and received rights to their patented design.

David Lennox sold the original company in 1904 to DW Norris. Lenox Furnace Co. was incorporated the same year to improve on the original furnace design that brought about advancements in climate control, heating, and cooling solutions. A warehouse was added in 1923. Two years later, a factory came up in Syracuse, New York. Lennox pioneered the forced air furnace to heat residences in 1935 and contributed to the war efforts in 1943 with heating equipment, bomb and aircraft parts.


On his death in 1949, DW Norris relinquished his position and ownership of the company to his descendants. In 1952, the residential central air-conditioning system was introduced in Canada. Lennox expanded operations in 1960 with a facility in Basingstoke, England; warehouses and sales offices in Germany and Holland. From 1964-65, Lennox moved into the garden-and-lawn industry, launching the Linux Kitty Track, a crawler tractor and mower. This had a 32“ mower deck powered by a 6 hp 4.5 kW Briggs & Stratton engine.

Lennox pioneered in 1965 the packaged direct multi-zone rooftop unit for cooling and heating. The company sold its low-pressure gas cylinder business to Worthington Industries in 1971 taking its first steps into diversification. Lennox took over the refrigeration products firm Heatcraft in 1973 including the Chandler, Bohn, Larkin, and Climate Control brands. The company added the Warren/Kysor brand to its Heatcraft offers and developed its two-speed hermetic compressor to reduce air-conditioning energy costs. In 1982, Lenox pioneered its high-efficiency gas furnace and became a subsidiary of Lennox international Inc in 1984.

Heatcraft Inc. was established in 1988 to implement the company’s 48-hour oil replacement program for non-residential air-conditioning systems. CompleteHeat, it’s high-efficiency heating system, was introduced in 1994 after which Lennox went global with Lennox Global Ltd. (LGL) in 1995. The company developed its Beacon Control System in 1996 to correct refrigeration system maintenance and installation issues. In 1997, LGL expanded operations into Latin America, Europe, and Asia. The company went public in 1999. Lennox introduced the industry’s most efficient and quietist air-conditioner, the HSX19, in 2003.

Lennox Air Conditioners

Lennox offers mini split on/offs and mini split inverters with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ranging from 10 SEER to 27 SEER. The company’s advanced inverter technology ensures constant comfort and energy savings.

Light commercial indoor and outdoor units provide wall-mounted, ceiling, and floor air-conditioning solutions.


Use cassette units when you’ve dropped ceilings. These units are configured for 360-degree air supply and distribute uniform air throughout the indoor space.

Fan & Coil

Conceal these durable, silent, and highly-reliable fan-and-coil units within the ceiling to heat and cool the room.

Floor Ceiling

Install these units close to the floor or on a wall. You can mount it on your ceiling, if you have limited space in your room. This unit ensures optimal air circulation with its auto air-wing vane airflow distribution system.

Outdoor Unit

The AHRI certified outdoor unit has an intelligent controller that uses invertor technology to regulate temperature by adjusting compressor speed. This leads to more energy savings and comfort, and higher efficiency. You can combine these outdoor units with on/off indoor units.

Residential Air Conditioners

Lennox has patented one of the most advanced and efficient AC systems called the Ultimate Comfort System.

The company combines into one unit all the benefits offered by:

  • Three-way cleaning of PureAir, its whole-home filtration system
  • iComfort S20 smart thermostat
  • Even temperature established with iHarmony zoning
  • Efficiency and precision of XP25/XC25 heat pump and air conditioner
  • Comfort of the air handler CBX40UHV
  • Continuous quiet and warmth of SLP98V

Lennox Air Handler And Coil

Lennox offers air handlers like the CBA27UHE Quantum Coil that performs admirably well even in harsh weather conditions with its proprietary aluminum body construction.

The cabinet has foil-faced insulation to improve indoor air quality, enable noiseless operation, and prevent mold growth.

Get lower utility bills, consistent air flow, and even temperatures with Lennox’s Power Saver constant torque blower motor.

Add a Healthy Climate ultraviolet germicidal through an innovative opening provided in your air handler to get rid of bacteria and mold.

Lennox’s air handlers come with antimicrobial drain pans that improve indoor air quality by preventing mildew and mold growth.


Lennox Heat Pump

Lennox offers its patented Precise Comfort technology that uses variable-capacity, inverter-controlled compressors to sustain temperatures that vary by less than half a degree.

ICOMFORT-enabled smart thermostats heat and cool according to your family’s routine.

Lennox’s Precise Control technology helps remove 30% more humidity from the room as compared to a conventional single-stage unit. You feel more comfortable and the air feels lighter even in peak summer season.

Climate IQ is another patented climate control technology that adjusts everything on auto – from startup time to humidity.


Lennox Gas Furnace

Lennox designs some of the quietest and most efficient heating systems money can buy.

The company offers economical mid-efficiency gas furnaces with Power Saver technology that runs with 33% more efficiency than standard motors.

Lennox’s variable-capacity Ultimate Comfort System gas furnace from the Dave Lennox Signature Collection enables a smart whole-home comfort system that consistently delivers clean air at the right temperatures.


Lennox Temperature Control

iComfort S30 and other energy-saving and smart thermostats work on devices with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit that allow you control temperatures with voice commands.

Packaged heat pumps and ACs come with SEER ratings up to 16 for maximum energy savings and year-round comfort.

Rooftop Model L with its patented Lennox CORE Control System and Service App uses variable-speed technology to increase space comfort and provides the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership.


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