Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

The installation of an air conditioning system can be a tall order, as experts in the field, we will help you choose an a/c system from the brands we trust and will strive to complete the installation in a timely and efficient manner. With all the use your air conditioner system goes through, it is likely at some point it will run into problems. Whether it fails to turn on, makes strange noises or you notice leaks, we at Top Care will quickly fix any repairs that are needed. Speaking of repairs, we also offer maintenance to keep you a/c system run as efficiently as possible during the duration of its lifespan. This includes making sure your air filters are clean and in working order. A clogged filter or and AC low on freon can break down your system. Even if it does not break down the system, it will reduce the efficiency of cooling. At Top Care, we examine your cooling system professionally and prevent the problem from arising. The aim is to save you money in energy bills and maximize your investments

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