Water Heating repairs, replacements and installations Oakville

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Water Heating repairs, replacements and installations Oakville

For households that solely rely on heaters to provide them with hot water it can be extremely frustrating when the heater breaks and your home is left without any water. There are s good few reasons as to why your heater May of stopped working most of which can easily be fixed but as in any case it makes your life easier if you get hold of a professional. Even if you are able to diagnose the issue yourself at least you have the peace of mind that it will be solved properly with no extra stress to yourself.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being too busy to diagnose, get the pieces for and fix your heater. Here are some things that could be wrong with it.

No hot water

This will obviously be the most common problem when it comes to a water heater – the fact that it is no longer heating water. There are two types of heaters gas and electric. A gas water heater heats up water via a burner at the bottom and it has a flute at the top, and an electric water heater (yes you guessed it) heats the water via an electrical hookup.

Water is coming out too hot or not hot enough

Sounds a bit silly – like when someone in IT tells you to turn your computer off then back on again to try and sort out a problem. But changing the heating on the dial in the front of the heater may sort out the issue. Give the heater about an hour and then test it again if this doesn’t work get the professionals in!

Water heating is leaking water

If your water heating is leaking water it is possible that you may need professional help. In this case your are most likely going to need a full on repair of some of the external parts of the heater or a replacement.

The hot water has an eggy smell when it comes out the faucet

This usually occurs when there is a reaction between water that is high in sulphites and the heaters anode rod. At this point the heater can be flushed with water but if the smell persists there is probably something wrong with rod itself and it will definitely need changing because nobody wants to be using eggy water and it could possibly be dangerous.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues or any issues have have not been mentioned and you don’t have the time to fix it yourself then contact

Top Care Heating & Cooling in Oakville http://topcarehvac.ca/ac/acinstallrepair/ to help you repair, replace or install a new water heating system.


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